Address Search

The easiest way to get started is by typing a street name into the search bar. Once you begin typing, we will provide suggestions of street names you might be looking for.

You can also search by exact address, council district or neighborhood name.

Once you press enter or click Go you will be presented with points on a map with possible matches.

Filter Search

If you need more search options, click on Filter Search

There you can search by inspection type, time period, and location. Just look for the words that are colored teal, and change them to match what you’re looking for.

Once you press enter or click "go" you will be presented with points on a map that are likely matches.

Map Results

Addresses with active or historical cases will show up as red dots after you search. To browse the results, click and drag the map or simply double-click to zoom in.

You can also use the plus and minus buttons   on to top-right of the map to control zoom.


Sometimes there are many cases within a close proximity to each other. When this happens, the results are grouped together and look like this .

The number represents the number of results within the area.

Hover over a group to see the area the cluster of results contains. With a click you can zoom in and see individual addresses.

Address Preview

Clicking on an address will bring up the most recent activity on that property.

The progress bar will also only show the most recent activity.

To see the information in greater detail, or to show past records, click on “More” to bring up the Property Page.

Property Page

The property page has all the information available about this address.

Each case and/or record has a corresponding progress bar. This helps quickly and easily visualize case information.

Progress Bar

You can get more information about each record by clicking "More" on the right hand side of the page.

You can also click on the progress bar to get details about individual steps.


Want updates when the status of a property’s case changes? Or want to login and see the properties you follow?

For these features, use our Watchlist.

Every address has a button labeled "Email Me Updates". When you first click this button you will be presented with two options: Register and Login.

Once you have registered for an account, this property will be added to your Watchlist by clicking the “Email Me Updates” button.

Login / Register

When you create an account you can add properties to your Watchlist.

Watchlists allow you to track the status and updates of specific properties. It also makes it easier whenever you login to see the properties you are interested in, without having to search each time.

Your Account

Once you are watching a property it be added to your Watchlist (see above).

You can chose to “enable email notifications.” This way, you receive an email update every time there is new information about what you follow.

You can also make your Watchlist public and share with others.

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